Record of Election Expenses

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Date Incurred Date Paid Goods, Property or Service Received Expense Class Fair Market Value
 Aug-13-17 Aug-13-17 PayPal fees G $3.17
 Aug-15-17  Aug-16-17 Signs A2  512.33
 Aug-18-17  Aug-18-17 PayPal fees G (0.08)
 Aug-24-17 Aug-24-17 Rack Cards A2 498.40
 Aug-25-17 Aug-25-17 PayPal fees G 2.48
 Aug-27-17 Aug-28-17 Campaign Design Services G 1,050.00
 Aug-14-17 Aug-28-17 Lawn Signs A2 388.72
 Aug-29-17 Aug-30-17  Signs A2 240.60
  Aug-31-17  Aug-31-17  Bank Fees  G  20.00
 Sep-13-17  Sep-13-17 PayPal fees G 1.75
 Sep-14-17  Sep-14-17   Rack Cards  A2 266.99
 Total  $2,984.36