Letter to Saanich News Editor
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Sep 23, 2011 No Comments ›› Wickson

Mr. Sketchley, this letter is not for you. We already know what you think. This letter is for those folks that just want to do the best they can for themselves, their families, and their community. All the people I meet want basically the same things; a little positive social life, solid economy, and good health. Sometimes it takes tolerance, forgiveness, or a helping hand to achieve these things. Mostly it takes hard work. Nobody is getting a free ride because at the end of the day, we all pay. Even those who think they are getting something for nothing, get exactly what they pay for. Even the speeders on the highway don’t get any advantage because the next obstruction is just around the corner. We spend a lot of our time tearing things down. It is easy to do. We don’t need any real thoughts, or judging by the climate change debate, real facts to back the denial. We also spend a lot of time talking about stuff. I can remember when we started talking about pedestrian and cycling amenities for the region. We are still talking and it is amazing, the same people are saying the same things. Sewage treatment is another, rapid transit, regional growth, secondary suites, I could go one and on. There must be some sort of battle going on and the talkers are not gaining much ground and the silent folks are either hoping someone else does something or that nobody does anything to them. Well it is time we actually did something. Make a bold decision and put together the actions necessary to meet the goals. If you are going to have climate action plan, you should start with actions. Ask what is the first thing we can do to create an action that moves to the goal. If it is a carbon tax, make it work. Don’t wait for it to fail. If you think drivers move too fast through your community, lower the speed limit. If waste management is costly to operate, set the price to drive conservation.. If you think we have too many cars causing too much congestion, we’ll maybe it is time to stop subsidizing the oil and gas industry and car manufacturing companies with our tax dollars. Every bit of pavement dedicated to automobiles is a direct tax payer subsidy to private businesses or shareholder profits. I for one am very tired of those who put forward criticisms without reasonable well thought out solutions. I am also tired of those who cry about the problems but will not even consider any direct action if it might cause an adjustment to their personal lives. The world is evolving at a pace that is beyond comprehension for most of us, but I know all we want is to have bit of happiness, comfort, and joy. Let that be our focus for the future. Rob Wickson