Truly Independent


Over 20 years experience as a community builder


I believe in empowering neighbourhoods



I will ensure transportation planning for the future


Our Shared Vision:

Transportation and Land Use

Maintaining and Enhancing the Unique Character of our Neighbourhoods

Affordable and Accessible Housing

Preserving Green Space and Agricultural Land

Sustainable Saanich- my commitment to budget & tax management

Public Engagement and Accountability of Local Government


Dear Friends,

Saanich has finally called a by-election to fill the seat of the late Councillor Derman. This is an important voice that is no longer at the table and must be replaced before the next full municipal election. Councillor Derman and I had many conversations about Saanich and we shared a deep commitment to sustainable, social and economic development.  I am looking forward to hearing from all the candidates on the long list of issues facing Saanich. 

Since the last election, I have been encouraged by many individuals to stand for council so here I go.  As a Saanich Councillor, my focus will always be on building community. I believe strongly in strengthening partnerships through collaboration and engagement.  As a small business owner for over 35 years, I understand the leadership role that is required from those who have been given the responsibility to make difficult and important decisions.  

I am concerned that we do not have a good understanding of the social, environmental and economic impact on our community caused by the increasing lack of affordable housing. We must begin to make the connection between transportation and land use if Saanich is to meet our carbon emissions reduction targets.  We can do both, increase our affordable housing stock while reducing our carbon footprint. 

Saanich should be a model for the whole Capital Region. We have urban and suburban neighbourhoods that brush up against rural and agricultural communities.  Most of the region’s traffic flows through at least some part of Saanich.  Growth pressures have been dividing us resulting in long time lines for new investments which in turn slows the revenue growth needed just to keep up with the rising costs to the Saanich taxpayer.

I believe Saanich needs a new governance mandate and we must bring together experienced leaders in the community like myself who will continue to advocate for strengthening relationships with Council. I will strive to carry on the conversation that has been lead by the Governance Review Committee that is examining all aspects of Saanich’s relationship with its citizens and regional partners.  

With your support on September 23rd, I will look forward to bringing my community values, vision and experience to Saanich Council.